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We also do customisable sizes for our domes! Please click here to send us through an email with your desired diameter, thickness and material. 

Please stipulate on checkout the size (if needed) of flange you desire.

Cambrian Plastics provides excellent domes for all uses. Our domes are blow molded and can be blown to a maximum height of half the diameter of the dome, for example a 500 diameter dome would be approximately 250mm in height. The Domes listed are fabricated in a range of acrylic and polycarbonate. Each dome flange will be individually trimmed to your requirements, or no flange if you require.

Most of our domes are made out of 3.0mm, 4.5mm or 6.0mm acrylic or polycarbonate for more robust situations. Two domes joined together can make a sphere but please note that a maximum diameter dome of 800mm is the biggest that can be done to achieve a sphere.

There are two options when joining the domes together:

1. Having a flange and having holes drilled so they can be connected
2. Secondly having the two halves joined together with a strip which is placed on the inside if you are requiring no flange but this would be seen if you are making them in clear acrylic.

If we do not have a material, thickness, colour, diameter or height listed above, please contact us as we are able to custom fabricate domes to your needs and specifications.

To download our information leaflet click here.