Hyperion 120W LED Fitting

Hyperion 120W LED Fitting

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120W LED fitting designed and manufactured in NZ.

Hyperion LED Lighting. Remarkable lighting technology.

Applications: Warehousing, Cool Stores and Food Processing Plants & Large industrial sites.

Installation: Ceiling or wall mounted via mounting plate that allows rotation to 5 degree increments. Suspended on chain or wire.

Accessories: 11 different lenses options. Extreme impact protection covers. Aircraft wire for high bay applications.

The housing is fully corrosion resistant being made from aluminium and has a design life of 20 years.

Up to 75% less energy usage than today’s most economical industrial lighting. Considerable maintenance savings. Produces true light - 90% of sun’s visible spectrum.

Embedded within the Hyperion is a RF mesh network controller that automatically interacts with other fittings within the site. There are several devices that interact with the lighting fixtures. Including PIR sensors, Forklift transponders, Daylight harvesting sensors and Personal transponders.

Rugged transponder are fitted to fork trucks which instructs the lights to produce a moving pool of light above the fork truck. The light is immediately reduced once the fork truck has passed the area.

Daylight harvesting sensors can be added to various areas to reduce light levels during hours of high ambient brightness. The system uses a unique (patent pending) method of measuring external light (even while the LED lighting is on) so that true external lighting levels are analysed and supplemented to maintain a target lighting level.

Personal transponders are fitted to a high visibility vest and signal to the lights that there is a person in the facility. It sends a lighting demand request to provide a pool of light around the person. It also interacts with the fork truck transponder to send a safety alert to the driver and an alarm to the person.

Body material: Extruded Aluminium

Length: 1050 mm

Width: 155 mm

Height: 80 mm